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The Fragmentation of S. J. Chambers~writer

I imbibe words and consume past minds. As a result, I often awake next to strange sentences and forgotten meanings. Mostly on Mondays.

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    Dad’s garden.

    Dad’s garden.

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    The Writing Process Blog Tour: Wherein below ye will find a cat, wine, fountain pens, and scissors.

    Baby is a major part--or rather, she makes herself a major part--of my process.

    Baby is a major (or rather, she makes herself) part of my process.

    My friend J. T. Glover tagged me in a literary meme/chain mail/blog tour thing going around called the Writing Process Blog Tour. I really enjoyed his responses, which can be read here. In it he coins the term “anti-bildungsroman,” discusses his affinity for place in his work, and unpredictability of the writing process over all.…

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    THE NEW GOTHIC Giveaway: On Nirvana and the Gothic

    THE NEW GOTHIC among all my Nirvana swag from the Tallahassee concert in 1993. Took those photos in the corner with a really crappy $10 camera from Kmart. Oh, the 90s.

    I’m doing a book giveaway in honor of Stone Skin Press’ THE NEW GOTHIC and Nirvana’s upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

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    Ad Campaign by Amnesty International Switzerland

    Switzerland are always forward thinkers.

    this is one of the most humbling ad campaigns i’ve seen.


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    Love Is The Law: Mini-review/appreciation


    So my iPad flips things….

    I read Nick Mamatas’ LOVE IS THE LAW in one sitting, and have been mulling over what to say about it for months. This book– just like Mamatas’ other books BULLETTIME, MOVE UNDER GROUND, and all of his short stories–stick with you. I don’t think it is because of off-beat characters or novel mash-up concepts, all of which are very good, but it is the authenticity of the…

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    Back on Twitter!

    For those who are 140-inclined, I am back on Twitter with a new handle @basbleuzombie. My old handle seems to have been usurped by the Selena Gomez fan club.

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    Writing Advice and Anxiety: A long footnote to my Guest Post at SarahHans.com.

    So, I have done something that I have been avoiding for a long time: I am giving writer advice.

    I have (mostly) operated under a Scarlett O’Hara-like edict that I’d rather let my blog die (which many have) than add more white noise to the writing advice/writing life feed.  Mainly because most of my experience has been trial and error–a LOT of error–and I’ve never felt like I had anything to offer…

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    She Walks In Shadows Stretch Goal Aims at Illustrators

    She Walks In Shadows Stretch Goal Aims at Illustrators

    A few days ago, the indiegogo campaign to fund the first all-ladies anthology featuring all stories about Lovecraft’s women was fully funded! Now, with about 66 hours left, the campaign has kicked into a stretch-goal of $9,000 before it closes. That extra grand will go towards commissioning illustrations from female artists, and it looks like…

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    Steampunk and Travel: For Steampunk Hands Around the World

    Rather than blog, I thought I’d vlog about a few reflections on Steampunk and Travel, in honor of Airship Ambassador’s…

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Lyrics to “Dive.”


    Lyrics to “Dive.”

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