New North Country Girl and The Writing Process

I just wanted to pop in right quick to thank New North Country Girl’s Lesli for participating in the Writing Process Blog Tour that I tagged her in. She wrote some really lovely thoughts here, and they are very much worth the gander for writers. I especially liked this:

“One thing that’s true about the writing process is that it depends entirely on reading. Lately I must admit that I’ve been absorbing all sorts of paper-based reading material from Lacan lectures to a wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest identification manual to a novels about an old man in Guernesey.”

Guernesy octogenarians and Lacan! Man, I love the juxtapositions we all have in our reading and interests. Anyhow, be sure to check out Lesli’s other posts which are about British Columbia living from a North Florida girl’s eyes. Really insightful, thoughtful, and inspiring observations that I just can’t get enough of. Plus, homegirl understands the beauty of reading in the bathtub. Maybe someone should start a Joan Vollmer bathtub book club…Lesli and I can be co-chairs. Now, there’s a thought.