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Foxhound FavoritesI am highly influenced and inspired by my friends. Over my life I have connected with a lot of awe-inducing geniuses, and I try to celebrate them as much as I can. It gets hard, of course, because as we get older, we all move away and shift focus, and evolve in our lives, but even then there are people who can swoop in for a lunch or a drink, pick-up where you left off a few years ago, and enrich your life with their own, and hopefully vice versa. One of those friends is Brendan McLeod.

Brendan, my husband, and I became friends in college, and from the first time I’ve met him I have always been impressed with his optimism, will, and drive to keep owning. He is in the Video Game designing biz, and is a huge advocate of the culture around it, including its music. Last time he was in town, he told me he’d started a radio show podcast called Foxhound Favorites that celebrates a scene I was unaware of…musicians and bands and DJs remixing and covering and bringing to the forefront the video game scores that have always played in the background.

Every Thursday, Brendan a/k/a Fox, and his dog Pullo a/k/a Hound design a playlist based on a hand-picked and annotated theme from this community, most recently: Mega Man X.

I dabble in gaming. Right now, I am at an impasse with it because I failed a case in L.A. Noire and I’m pretty pissed about it. Apparently after thirty-years on this Earth, its taken a video game to tell me I don’t read people well and am pretty gullible. Thanks for the life assessment, Rockstar Games. Anyway, I tend to favor first-person shooter/mission games like Grand Theft Auto 5000 and Fallout 3, games that don’t necessarily have original scores. I have had Nintendo days and Sega days here and there, but I wouldn’t say I was an expert on any of it, so with all that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t recognize anything on Foxhound Favorites.

Curious, I tuned in and had so much fun listening that I started sweeping through the archive. I was really surprised by what I did recognize. First, scores in games I had played but never payed attention too like Silent Hill and Castlevania; then, games I’ve never played but somehow have become part of my collective consciousness like Mega Man and Chrono Trigger. Sensations were nostalgia, wonder, and the occasional “awwww, that’s my jam!” It was really nice experiencing the range without the visual distracting the ears, if that makes sense. Also, there is some real talent here. Who thought trills in Mega Man would translate into some Jimi Hendrix lightening-shreds? I also found it’s pretty fun stuff to work to. In fact, I’m listening to the 2014 Greatest Hits as I draft this. This episode is pretty great, and is among my favorite episodes that include Halloween and Castles.

If you are a dabbler like me, or a hard-core gamer, or just like pop-cultural allusions, you definitely should check out FOXHOUND FAVORITES’ archives and catch new episodes every Thursday.

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