Please Stand By: Looking and Striving Forward

Still from FALLOUT 3, found at:
Still from FALLOUT 3, found at:

Richard Gavin has this awesome, hermetic image he posts on his Facebook that connotes when he has to withdraw from the world to venture into his wonderful mind. I always thought that was clever and to the point:  “Friends, I must go. It isn’t personal. I just have to go DO THE THINGS. I’ll be back.”

I am no stranger to the great, dramatic signing-off post, and when I do that, I feel like I am breaking up with the Internet and being a grumpus, but it really isn’t that at all. It’s just I am easily fragmented by information, despite how much fun and pleasure I get from it, and to be able to generate the focus and mental space needed to create or be better, I have to hide from its incessant fountains where the social media sirens sing their sweet sweet songs.

So, instead of doing the whole “it’s not you, Internet, it’s me” schtick, I’ll just start throwing the FALLOUT 3 still up that’ll mean simply “Friends, I must go. It isn’t personal. I just have to go DO THE THINGS. I’ll be back.” When it is gone, I’ll be ready to chat and consume all the ROFLs and not make a big deal about how I’m kind of a Luddite.

If you are visiting this page while the sign is up, here’s a low-down of what I am working on for the next several months:

In addition to researching, planning, and writing STEAMPUNK PARIS with Arthur Morgan, I am also working on a few solicited submissions, articles, and self-betterment projects that I’m not comfortable talking about yet. But I can talk about what I am doing with DUNHAMS MANOR PRESS:

–A Non-Fiction column called “The Poe Bug: A Journey to the Center of Poepathy,” exploring the vast and insidious influence of Edgar Allan Poe on weird literature and popular culture since 1849. It will premier in the first issue of XNOYBIS, DMP’s new weird fiction quarterly. Like many titles at DMP, this magazine is limited to 100 copies, and I think only 20 are left and it is still only on pre-order.

–As part of the successful Indigogo campaign, I am putting together a handwritten/Underwood-typed facsimile chapbook of an unpublished poem the “The Temporary Tomb of Virginia Poe” that was a forerunner for what eventually became my short story “Of Parallel and Parcel.” Thank you to those who donated through the Poe Perk!

–Last but not least, I am writing a story exclusively for DMP called “The Facts in the Case of Clarissa Collyer.” It’s somewhere between MY SO-CALLED LIFE and Poe’s M. Valdemar story.

So, that’s about it for right now. I wish you all a productive Spring and Summer, and look forward to seeing you again soon, after all THE THINGS are done.