Portrait of the Artist's Cat, or The Obstacle to Progress.
Portrait of the Artist’s Cat, or The Obstacle to Progress.

I hate to just drop a bunch of links and not hang, but I have been in serious FULL_HERMIT MODE, where I’ve mostly been reading for STEAMPUNK PARIS when my cat will allow me, and all the other [INSERT VAGUEBOOKING BLAH-BLAH HERE].

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have ventured out every now and then to take in a wine fest and see some really awesome art shows, all of which belongs in a different forthcoming post, BUT a few writerly things have happened over the past few months that I’d like to share real quick before they become old news:

***STEAMPUNK WORLD won THE STEAMPUNK CHRONICLE READER’S CHOICE AWARD FOR FICTION! Major congrats to editor Sarah Hans, Alliteration Ink, and to all my co- contributors!

***The readings at World Horror Convention in Atlanta and at Fermentation Lounge in Tallahassee went well! The first, DEAD IN THE MORNING, was a unique event in that John Glover, Orrin Grey, Jesse Bullington, Molly Tanzer and I–all who have known each other since the Golden Halcyon Livejournal days–were under the same roof at the same time doing our own things together. A great time was had there, and at WHC in general, which I can only summarize as a moveable feast under aligned stars.

The Fermentation reading was a really special event too in that it celebrated the release of Molly Tanzer’s VERMILION, which I’ve mentioned previously, and you seriously need to read if you haven’t yet. This is Molly’s first novel, and it was very awesome to get to celebrate that achievement with her, Jesse Bullington, and all the friends who came out to show support, and to Jamie and Fermentation for having us. Huzzah!

***Speaking of, the interview Molly and I did at Anomalycon with BEYOND THE TROPE is now available. We collaborate on a Lovecraftian/Poe/Steampunk fantasy and talk about HANNIBAL, natch.  Thanks again to Michelle, Emily, and Giles for having us. You can listen/download here.