Publishing Notes: 2016: The Year in Review

Reading! Writing! Editing! Yay!  As far as I can recall, this is what I was up too this year in publishing:


Last Session

“The Last Session: The Facts in the Case of Clarissa Collyer.” Dunhams Manor Press Limited Edition Chapbook.

Longest fiction written to date. A whole novelette! Hot dang, I will conquer you yet, novel. This is a riff on Poe’s “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar,” but through the exploration of a mother-daughter relationship estranged by adolescence and cancer, and of course Emo. I got some nice reviews and comments on this one, and I dare say the creep/cry factor is dialed to 11. Many thanks to editor Jordan Krall on letting me give this one the chance to breathe.

“The Şehrazatın Diyoraması Tour.” Reprint for WORDS zine, Hex Publishers. 

This anti-Orientalism Steampunk tale set in Turkey originally appeared in Sarah Hans’ STEAMPUNK WORLD (Alliteration Ink). I was stoked to give the Şehrazat another avenue and be a part of Hex Publishers’ weekly magazine WORDS. There is a lot of great FREE stuff over there–stories by Nisi Shawl, Jason Heller, E. Lily Yu, and Alvaros Zinos-Amaro–so if you haven’t checked them out, you are missing out. Thank you for the opportunity, Josh Viola!

“Arrangement in Juniper and Champagne.” MIXED UP: COCKTAIL RECIPES (AND FLASH FICTION) FOR THE DISCERNING DRINKER (AND READER), edited by Nick Mamatas and Molly Tanzer. Skyhorse, October 2017.

I am proud of this story for several reasons.

First, to be in anything edited by Nick and/or Molly has been on my goals list for a while, and many thanks to them for liking and accepting the story!

Second, all I really ever want to do is write fiction about cocktails, in this case the French 75.

Third, I’d been reading a lot of and about Hemingway this year, and had been toying with the Iceberg idea–something like “Hills Like White Elephants,” but from only women’s perspectives. Pair this with the constant ostracizing of women who don’t want to have children ever (by women), or define their being by their sexual prowess, or dream of fairy tale love to be complete–you got “Arrangement in Juniper and Champagne.”

Fourth, I had no idea what was coming in November, so I feel this was sort of a preamble for whatever changes to my writing that may bring.


Wandering Spirits shrine

Review of Adrian van Young’s Shadows in Summerland for Strange Horizons.

I really got into this book. It was one of those experiences where you question why you love the things you do–in this case, gothic novels, weird historical fiction, spiritualism, Baudelaire–and come out loving them more. Adrian is proving to be one of the most interesting writers working today, and I look forward to reading him more in 2017. Ya’ll should go pick this book up, if you haven’t, yet.

Wandering Spirits : Traveling Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, bicentennial special edition. Designed and edited by Yves Touring, Tallhat Press.

Wandering Spirits: Traveling Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN is my travelogue through three key geography points in Mary Shelley’s seminal text. It was nominated for a Best of the Net a few years back and is available now as a bicentennial, special-limited edition designed and annotated by Yves Tourigny and Tallhat Press. I write more extensively about it here.

Only 200 copies will be made, and only then available for 9 months from its initial release.

So, current stats are:  there are 120 copies of Wandering Spirits: Traveling Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein left, with 3 months to go.

If you would like to purchase a copy, you can do so at the below links:

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Working with Yves has been the most satisfying and inspiring collaboration I’ve done yet, and was a major highlight of the year. He is working on great things, so make sure to follow him at Tallhat Press. Thank you, again, Yves!

Xyobsis #2, a magazine of weird literature from Dunhams Manor Press, features round 2 of my “Poe Bug” column, “That Time John Cusack played Poe.” (I can’t find the link for it, right now, sorry!).

This is sort of a palette cleanser to get all my annoyances about The Raven off my chest, so I could discuss the film in a more analytical manner for Poe Bug, #3, which is forthcoming.

Miscellany Sundries


Interviews and Guest Blogs

“The Writer Unplugged.” I muse on distractions and the 21st century writer for the Astrohaus blog.

I was honored to be part of Acep Hale’s  Lovecraft E-Zine roundtable on “Quiet Horror.”

Nate Pedersen was kind enough to interview me about “Wandering Spirits” over at the Fine Books and Collectibles blog!

Tales of Mythic Adventure interviewed me about “The Neurastheniac.”


Orrin Grey and I watched “The Curse of Frankenstein” together, and live-tweeted it to honor Villa Diodati day! I storified the experience here.

Honored to write the introduction to Ashley Rogers’ fun and poignant Poe adaptation, The Sounds of Madness

Miskatonic Musings looked at “Of Parallel and Parcel,” and liked it! (Phew! Thanks, fellas!)

When I was feeling stuck in January, I decided to take a writing class via LitRector with Nick Mamatas. I really enjoyed his “Architecture of Fiction.” It was an awesome bootcamp of workshopping, reading, and LESSONS that I highly recommend to beginners and intermediates alike. Despite it being a jam-packed four-week course, Nick was always present and attentive to all the students, and there was never any of this:


And then, there was the Numbers of the Beast, where the Internet flash-mobbed Joe Pulver with lolz and love!

And, last and most epic, “The Neurastheniac,” alongside the anthology that housed it, CASSILDA’S SONG, were both nominated for World Fantasy Awards. So many thanks to Joe for believing in me and Helen Heck, and to Chaosium for publishing. XoXo!

2017, looking ahead!


Well, alright, I guess that is kind of a lot. And none of that includes what is shaking for this year.

Calls for Submission, my debut fiction collection, will be coming out this May through Pelekinesis!

Mechanical Animals is the cross-genre anthology I am editing with Jason Heller for Hex Publications, due out in 2018.

Nasty Writers is a quarterly rag written for women and women-identifying readers by women and women-identifying writers, with the first issue premiering in the late Spring. It was conceived as an initial response to seeing so many of my friends feel devalued from the outcome of the 2016 election.

And right now, as we speak, I am reading submissions as Guest Editor to Zoetic Press’s Non-Binary Review: Issue #2: The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe! Submissions to this will close February 2, so send me your Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe, Poe here!