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IMG_4001 (1)Publishing is basically like a wet noodle. If you throw it against the wall at the right time, it sticks. If you take it out of the pot too soon, it splats on the floor. That’s what happened with Nasty Writers.

Due to a lack of submissions, lack of funding, and an editor already over-worked by her own need of paid freelance writing, Nasty Writers is closed to submissions and closed for good.

Believe me, this is a decision that should have been made months ago, but I broke my cardinal rule about projects–don’t discuss them before they are ready–so many times that I felt kind of shamed into hoping it’d eventually work out. It isn’t, and I need to move on.

I want to thank those who were excited by this idea, to the few who did submit and query and shared their great work and vision with me, and to those who advised me on the joys and perils of this kind of endeavor.

Perhaps I can use the notion of Nasty Writers in a productive context down the road, although it won’t be in a literary magazine format. Who knows. But as it stands now, it’s dead in the water.

However, since November, several amazing publications have risen that share a similar mission, and I encourage everyone to seek them out. A few of my favorites are:


100,000 Poets for Change (actually begun in 2011, but I became acquainted with them in 2016)

Writer’s Resist


Spoila (also been around for a few years, but more important now than ever)

2 thoughts on “Nasty Writers Update: RIP Nasty Writers, we hardly knew thee

  1. fmagto says:

    Sorry this didn’t work out.

    1. Thank you! I am too.

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