Personal Note: Brand Spanking New…Newsletter


Image Source:  By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons.

I’m trying something new. Or, new to me anyway.

I now have a TinyLetter called Gentle Gasps of Enlightenment .

This is my newsletter, of sort, where I go beyond latest update bits and publishing announcements to send you exclusive looks at forthcoming works, resurrections of many a dead bluestocking, and the odd reflection on my so-called writing life.

So why a newsletter now? Well, after banging my head against this blog for several years (and social media) I have realized that I’m kind of shy online. Its rapid, flight of ideas format is hard for me to process, not because there is anything wrong with speed or wit or whatever, but I’m a brooder. I like to go away and think a thing to death before I come to a conclusion about it. And by the time I realize I have something to say, another discussion wave has rolled in, and my chance to catch the last oscillation has passed.

For a long time I thought this was a deficiency in me. But I realized it isn’t me, it’s the form. So I’m trying something a little more forgiving of time… They say Twitter is like a marathon cocktail party–well, then, consider this my occasional Afternoon Tea, where every few weeks, you and I get to sit down, sip, and have a nice little tête-a-tête. I do hope you’ll join me!

You can subscribe here.

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