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sisterhood-final-v1It’s been a while, and since I just wrote my first TinyLetter in a really, really, long time, and am feeling nostalgic for internet discourse, I thought now might be a good time to update what’s been going on in my little nanobit of the publishing world.


No, sadly I won’t be in Providence this week, although I wish I were. However, I am there in spirit with the ghosts of Sarah Helen Whitman and her boyfriend Poe, holding a seance within the pages of the MEMENTO BOOK. It also features a gorgeous illustration by Dave Felton, so if you are at the convention, please make sure to pick up a copy and go see the original in all her glory at the ARS NECRONOMICA exhibit at the Providence Art Gallery.

ESSAY: LOST TRANSMISSIONS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY, edited by Desirina Boskovich, will include my sidebar about the Ideal Men Robot Wars of the 1920s & 30s, starring Eric the Robot and Elektro! It looks to be a beautiful and insightful book with other awesome writers blowing the lid off of sci-fi, and I can’t wait to read it. Published by Abrams Image, it’s available for pre-order here, and will be released September 10.

SHORT STORY:  SISTERHOOD, edited by Nate Pedersen and featuring this amazing cover above by Liv Rainey-Smith, published by Chaosium is still forthcoming. It includes my story, “The Veils of Sanctuary,” a Bas Bleu tale centered around a lost Sappho poem and dance performance about Medusa á la Salomé. Featuring Beatrice Vail, my fictional tribute/composite of Maud Allen, Isadora Duncan, and Mata Hari, this is my lit-nerd love letter to the women of Modernism, the Underworld Goddesses, Medusa, Sappho, (and Paris).

MARGINALIA:  I’m starting to rev up my TinyLetter with a more focused mission that I’m still kind of like…ugh…about…the writing life. I’ve always been reticent and hesitant to talk about the writing life, or writing advice, just because there is such a gluttony of it, and it is so subjective…but this year has fucked me through the hollow earth and back, and I find I got some things to say about it all. You can see what’s happened and what’s coming by subscribing at my newsletter here.


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