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Happy Halloween my Treaties!

I know we’re all busy putting the final trimmings on our costumes, but I wanted to celebrate this day with you by sharing the eldritch news that Paul Jessup and I have made a thing, and after much toil and trouble, it now lives on the Interwebs and RSS Feeds as THE SKELETON HAT PODCAST, which you can listen to immediately at our Skelly Hat home base, along side show notes and various RSS feed links.

Our aim is to talk about all the misconceptions, delusions, and gumdrop perceptions surrounding the Write Life. Our tagline kind of says it all, as taglines do: “Welcome to Skeleton Hat, where the writer’s struggle is real, and two struggling writers try and figure it out.”

This episode focuses on headspace, and how hard it can be to keep it decluttered when you are having to meet the demands of an online presence and promotion.

We don’t know where this will go, although we have some pretty promising plans to start including guests and features. If you take a listen, let us know what you think, and please share!

Other than that, my Halloween plans consist of haunted houses and transforming myself into a Hekatean Oracle for my performance as cartomancer tomorrow at the Goddess Lounge. For those in Tallahassee, the Goddess Lounge is going to be a divine, immersive experience held behind Railroad Square, Friday, November 1, 7 pm to 10 pm. There will be Astro and Tarot readings, confrontations with the Fates, and other delightful encounters with the Divine Dark Feminine–all free and all fun.

Enjoy the spooky times, friends.

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