Appearances: I Arrive Without Leaving–The Story of Women Surrealist Poets (BBC3)

Claude Cahun, Self portrait as Elle in Barbe Bleu, 1929

Today is a little unusual. I will be on BBC3 at 18.45BST (1:45EST) as part of their Sunday feature: “I Arrive Without Leaving–The Story of Women Surrealist Poets.” I will be talking about Mina Loy, Claude Cahun, and my mini-manifesto about building my own Surrealist Survival Kit that was published at Literary Hub in 2017.

Here’s the run down:

“Drawing on rare recordings including an interview with Leonora Carrington as well as readings of poems by Méret Oppenheim, Joyce Mansour, Gisèle Prassinos, Claud Cahun and Suzanne Césaire, Alexandra examines how these women writers’ confronted issues of gender identity, the erotic, colonialism and power structures using the tools of surrealism to reimagine the world.

With contributions from contemporary surrealist poets and writers Penelope Rosemont, Beatriz Hausner, Rikki Ducornet, Selena Chambers, Aja Monet and Professor Robin DG Kelley.”

I want to thank the episode’s producer Sarah Cuddon for having me on this illustrious panel and I hope the episode inspires many more people to build their own women surrealist’s survival kit!

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