Cover Reveal: Calls for Submission!!!

It’s a book!!!

Light up your cigars, pop the bubbly, and behold my little bundle of horrors, Calls For Submission, my debut collection published by Pelekinesis.



I am thrilled that it is adorned by Joan Horne‘s cute & creepy cover, and includes an introduction by Molly Tanzer, and collaborations with Jesse Bullington and Virginia M Mohlere.

Arriving this May.

If you are a reviewer, blogger, or podcaster, and would like an ARC, please contact either me at LeFilleHST[at]gmail[dot]com or Pelekinesis at pelekinesis[at]gmail[dot]com.

And if you are interested in helping me get the word out, please share!

The BBZ Ist Quarterly Report: Publishing News, Nick Mamatas’ LAST WEEKEND, & more!

Welp, so it’s May, huh? I haven’t posted much here, other than maybe to don a mustache for a bit of fun tribute. So, that can mean one thing, and one thing only:  MASSIVE UPDATES!

Ah, but updates on what? For the most part, existence at the Bas Bleu Zombie headquarters has been like this:


Despite 2016 trying to be more of a royal fucker than 2015, or 2013, I have been writing like a fiend. A lot of it has been freelance stuff to supplement my Lush Bath Bomb habit, most of it has been for STEAMPUNK PARIS, and the rest of it is miscellany slowly trickling into the world.

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F. O. Friday: Net Neutrality and Writers

Let’s face it. It’s Friday and your mind just isn’t on your work. Let me offer you some time-passing and hopefully enlightening distractions via F. O. Friday.

Seriously, browse all you can, because days of Internet goofing-off at the office may be over.  That’s right, the FCC executed net neutrality last Tuesday, and there have been a lot of articles sussing out what this means to free speech, to small business, and to consumers.

Whether we are bibliophiles or writers, we spend a lot of our time on the Internet pursuing and sharing our passions, and so as someone who falls into both of the above categories, I wondered what net neutrality might mean to us literati folks.  The below links attempt to paint a picture and are worth perusing:

First, what is net neutrality? This piece at The Atlantic was pretty ok and not hysterical.

Melville House discusses possible effects on indie bookstores.

Cory Doctorow explores the history and paltry language of the original rules at Boing Boing.  I also stumbled across an older piece by Doctorow for Locust that pertains specifically to writers.

Josh Stearns discusses the freedom of press and future of journalism at

And the Writers Guild of America are not pleased.

So, yeah, this is bad.  All is not lost, though.  Free Press has set up an easy petition form to complete and help people to speak out.  If you disagree with the net neutrality decision, please take a moment to fill it out.