Story Published: “The Neurastheniac” in CASSILDA’S SONG

Joe Pulver’s long-awaited anthology, CASSILDA’S SONG, is finally in the world! This collection looks at the more feminine-side of Robert Chambers’ THE KING IN YELLOW, and I am honored to share a TOC with some of the awesomest ladies writing today. You can find the full Table of Contents at the end of this post. […]

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THE STEAMPUNK CHRONICLE’s Annual Reader’s Choice Award (what I call the Steampunk Hugo) is now open for voting. I am pleased to see that Sarah Hans’ awesome STEAMPUNK WORLD anthology, which I’ve discussed quite a bit in this space is nominated for excellence in Fiction. A thousand congrats to Sarah, Alliteration Ink, James Ng who illustrated all of the stories, and to all my fellow contributors in the book.

If you enjoyed STEAMPUNK WORLD, please take a moment to vote for it here:

Other things you may have missed because I am terrible at the Internet

No pictures today. Just linky links. Because I am terrible at the Internet. Just can’t get enough of The New Gothic and “Dive In Me”? Well, you are in luck. Stone Skin Press has a really fun blog with a series running called “Stone Skin on the Rocks.” Featuring guest posts from contributors of various […]

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