Writing Advice and Anxiety: A long footnote to my Guest Post at SarahHans.com.

So, I have done something that I have been avoiding for a long time: I am giving writer advice.

I have (mostly) operated under a Scarlett O’Hara-like edict that I’d rather let my blog die (which many of my blogs have) than add more white noise to the writing advice/writing life feed.  Mainly because most of my experience has been trial and error–a LOT of error–and I’ve never felt like I had anything to offer in the “hot tips” department.  I still don’t have any “hot tips,” but I do feel like one aspect of the writing life–the lifestyle–has been ignored in the do’s and don’t discussions, and if I have come to know anything about writing in the ten years I have been pursuing it, it is that in addition to knowing the toolbox and understanding how to use the tools inside it, you need to know yourself. Also, and more importantly, you need to get to know others and the world outside of your own.

This realization struck me when I saw THE RUM DIARY, and I realized advice on mistake-making could be as useful as advice on mistake-avoiding, and so I broke my fast and wrote this guest post for Sarah Hans’ great blog.

Sarah is an excellent writer, and her site offers a ton of writing as well as editorial perspectives, as well as monthly submission call round-ups. Read More