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Poepathy:  (Works on Edgar Allan Poe)



  • “The Temporary Tomb of Virginia Poe.” Poe Perk Special Kickstarter Edition Chapbook. Dunhams Manor Press. June 2015.
  • “Ecce Ancilla Domini!” THE HISS QUARTERLY. August 1, 2008. No. 3. [was mentioned in the POETS ON PAINTINGS: A BIBLIOGRAPHY here].
  • Quarter Life Crisis on Tiger Shores.” MUNGBEING. Issue 18: Intuition. January 2008.
  • Aesthetic Adapatations.” MUNGBEING.  Issue 16: Design. 2007.
  • To W.O.B.” MUNGBEING. Issue 13: Ritual and Myth. 2007
  • Collaborative Disambiguation.” with Virginia M. Mohlere. MUNGBEING. Issue 12: Collaboration.
  • Footnotes to Freedom.”  MUNGBEING. Issue 8: Freedom. 2006.
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